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Maternity Photoshoot at Angels Beach Ballina

May 9th 2023

When I discovered this maternity shoot with Mim was going to be as the full moon in Scorpio was rising I was so excited!

Located at Angel’s Beach in Ballina this shoot was structured around the autumn early setting sun. We started off shooting in the sand dunes, as the last of the direct sunlight was available and then shifted down to the waters edge once the last of the light crept down there.

To our disappointment there was a strip of haze on the horizon which was preventing the full moon from being visible, however the peachy hues of the sunset were gorgeous and we captured magic shots as we enjoy the last of the light.

As we had finished up and were heading up the beach track back to the car I looked back for a moment and would you believe the gorgeous full moon had risen above the haze. So back down the beach Mim went and we captured a few final shots with the moon in the background.

Angels Beach in Ballina is absolutely one of my favourite go-to photoshoot locations. The combination of the soft tussock grass on the dunes, the rugged headline and  gorgeous coastline this location suits both sunrise and sunset shoots. Another bonus is that it’s very quiet in comparison to Byron’s Beaches.

I’m looking forward to my next shoot here soon.